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Future of computers and the world Part 1

September 29, 2012

I have the following computers: desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet, and smartphone. This is crazy. Why do I have so many? Same as everybody else — for the never ending pursuit of knowledge or entertainment/distraction, and desire to create, organize, and communicate with others. Efficiency is the focus. If given enough time, humans could do pretty much anything a computer can do, it would just take much, much, longer. But these computers could still be more efficient. I still have to deal with GUIs, I still have to organize, browse, access, save, configure, maintain, charge, clean, make space for, hold, carry, turn on, etc. All of these actions take time away from my ultimate learn/create/organize/communicate goals. Tech companies are early slowly whittling away at these inefficiencies. Voice commands are big, e.g., Siri, cloud computing, search engine preference algorithms built on our vast search histories. But where does it end? It seems clear to me — it ends with a chip in our brain that fills our needs instantly and in any format we want. I want to watch Rocky on a 100ft surround sound screen, boom there it is projected through my minds eye. I want to invite my neighbor to dinner, boom message sent from my brain to my neighbors brain. Scary part is, pretty soon my chip will know me so well it will tell me want to do before I can think it, my chip can access my neighbors chip, learn about my neighbor the decide if I should invite him or not. I think you get the idea, scary. The amount of knowledge in the world will EXPLODE. Think of the level of innovation, invention and discovery that could occur if everybody had instant access to all the information in the world.