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Free Cloud Syncing of iPhone Calendar with Outlook Calendar

February 19, 2009

Looking for a free way to sync your MS Outlook Calendar with your iPhone’s built-in calendar in real-time (i.e. without having to plug it in to your computer)?  Here is a way to do it through Google Calendar that has worked well for me (Outlook to Google to iPhone and vice-versa):

1.  Sign up for a Google Calendar account or Sign in to your current account

2. Download the Google Calendar to MS Outlook Sync App ( Note: if you already have events in your Google Calendar then make sure you read to make sure you don’t clobber the wrong calendar.

3.  Now since your Outlook and Google Calendar are in sync , you can move onto syncing your Google Calendar (which is now in sync with Outlook) with your iPhone (this sync will occur over the air).  This basically involves configuring your iPhone to go out to the Google servers and pull/allow google to push your calendar info to your iPhone.  To do this follow the directions listed here

Now no matter where you enter an event (Outlook, Google, or iPhone) they will all reflect the same info in pretty much real time.